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Brandon Jinwoo Choi is an acclaimed South Korean classical saxophonist renowned for his exceptional artistry and international acclaim. With a remarkable career spanning three continents, Choi has delivered captivating performances across esteemed venues in the United States, France, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea.

Distinguished as a soloist, Dr. Choi has collaborated with numerous distinguished ensembles and orchestras, including the prestigious France Lyon Saxophone Ensemble, the Romania Ploiesti State Philharmonic Orchestra, and the esteemed KBS Symphony Orchestra. His mastery has graced renowned stages such as the iconic Seoul Art Center and the revered Lincoln Center in New York. Notably, Choi premiered the groundbreaking saxophone concerto "Sull'ala" by Susan Botti with the esteemed University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music Orchestra on March 13th, 2014.

Dr. Choi's unwavering pursuit of artistic growth has led him to actively participate in regional and national conferences, as well as enroll in the world's most esteemed fine arts institutes. Noteworthy among these are the North American Saxophone Alliance (NASA) Biennial National Conference at the University of Cincinnati, the College Band Directors National Association at North Carolina State University, the France International Saxophone Institute at Saint-Meur, Paris - Conservatory of Music, and the American Saxophone Academy at the Eastman School of Music. Dr. Choi has showcased his exceptional talent by premiering Frank Proto's "Conversations" at the 2015 International Saxophone Symposium held at Shenandoah University and the Patsy Cline Theater in Winchester, Virginia. He further graced the French premiere of the composition at the esteemed 2015 World Saxophone Congress in Strasbourg, France.

A recipient of numerous top prizes, Dr. Choi has emerged triumphant in distinguished national and international competitions. Among his notable accolades are the Cincinnati Concerto Competition, the MTNA Solo Competition (2nd prize), the MTNA Chamber Competition (2nd prize), the American Cultural Foundation Competition (1st prize), the Hanjeon Artspool Center Competition (1st prize), the Korea Wind Chamber Music Competition (1st prize), the Music Association of Korea Competition (1st prize), the Music Education Newspaper Competition (1st prize), the Haneum National Music Competition (1st prize), and the Seoul National Symphony Orchestra Competition (1st prize).

Under the tutelage of world-renowned saxophonists and professors, Dr. Choi has refined his craft to the pinnacle of excellence. His mentors include luminaries such as Claude Delangle, Arno Bornkamp, Nobuya Sugawa, Jean-Yves Fourmeau, Vincent David, Christian Wirth, Philippe Portjou, Nicola Prost, John Sampen, Tom Myer, Otis Murphy, Chein-Kwan Lin, Timothy McAlister, Kenneth Tse, Carrie Koffman, Jeremy Long, Stephen Page, Amy Dickson, and Ensemble Squillante.

In addition to his illustrious career as a performer and educator, Dr. Choi holds significant leadership roles within the musical community. He proudly serves as the Music Director of the esteemed Brandon Saxophone Orchestra, guiding this ensemble of talented musicians to new heights of musical excellence. Under his direction, the orchestra showcases the versatility and expressive potential of the saxophone, captivating audiences with their captivating performances.

Furthermore, Dr. Choi assumes the prestigious position of Chair of the Korea Classic Saxophone Association, a role that highlights his commitment to promoting and advancing the saxophone as a prominent instrument within the classical music sphere. Through his leadership, the association fosters a vibrant saxophone community in Korea, providing support, educational opportunities, and a platform for saxophonists to showcase their talents and contribute to the development of the instrument.

Dr. Choi's dedication to musical leadership and his profound influence within the saxophone community reflect his unwavering commitment to advancing the artistry, education, and appreciation of the saxophone, both in his native Korea and on the global stage.

Dr. Choi's impressive educational background encompasses a 4e Cycle Perfectionnement (Artist Diploma) from the prestigious Conservatoire de Lyon in France, where he received guidance from the esteemed Jean-Denis Michat. Furthermore, he holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the esteemed University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, where he previously obtained his Master of Music degree in saxophone performance from the esteemed Dr. James Bunte.

Dr. Choi is also a member of the renowned 1987 Trio, alongside Nikita Zimin from Russia and Yo Matsushita from Japan. In addition to his career as a performer and educator, Dr. Choi is a Yamaha Emerging Artist, a LefreQue Artist, and a D'Addario International Artist, a JLV Ligature Artist.

Dr. Choi was an esteemed saxophone Adjunct Professor at HanYang Music University, Dr. Choi brings a wealth of experience to his role. He has previously served as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Cincinnati, College Conservatory of Music, and has held esteemed faculty positions at renowned institutions such as the International Saxophone Academy, Seoul National University, Chung-Ang University, and Sook Myung Women's University.


Soprano Saxophone:



Alto Saxophone:


V1-GP neck 


Tenor Saxophone

YTS- 875 EX

V1-GP neck 

Baritone Saxophone 

YBS- 62

V1-GP neck 

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